Industries We Serve

CboxDev provides industry-specific lead generation expertise to make sure
s that you get the right customers for your business.

IT Product and Services and software

Finding qualified technology leads requires not only a correct approach, but also time and a staggering amount of work. We understand that you focus on meeting clients, giving demos, and improving your services, as such you have no time to do cold-calling or email marketing. That is where Asia Leads Provider comes in. We help IT-based companies to generate more leads and appointments in a multi-channel marketing approach. Our seasoned IT lead generation specialists will contact IT decision makers based on your target market and qualify them on your required criteria such as Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Senior VPs for Information Systems, IT Directors, Administrators, IT Managers, and other top IT executives. All you have to do is meet them, introduce your products and services and close the deal.

We generate IT and Software leads and appointments to the following:

Information Technology:

Managed IT Services                                     • Back-up and Disaster Recovery Solutions
• IT Security Solutions                                      • VOIP/IP Telephony
• Cybersecurity                                                  • Web Hosting, Design, and Development
• Telecommunications                                     • System Integration
• IT Consulting Services                                   • Data Warehousing
• Healthcare IT                                                   • Network Management
• IT Infrastructure Services                             • IT Service Management (ITSM)


Accounting and Financial Software               • Medical Billing Software
• ERP Software                                                    • Cloud Computing / Cloud Services
• Business Intelligence Software                      • Project Management Software
• CRM Software                                                   • Cloud Management Software
• HR and Payroll Software                                 • Invoicing Software
• RegTech or Regulatory Technology               • Document Management Software
• FinTech or Financial Technology                   • Industry-specific Applications

Financial Services

CboxDev will ensure you'll receive high-quality financial leads with a significantly improved chance of converting into a sale. We'll put your company in front of consumers proactively seeking your financial services, triggering off a lead nurturing process which can result in another important sale.

We market for the following financial services:

Corporate Cost Reduction                               • Billing and Consulting
• Risk Management                                            • Corporate Insurance Services
• Accounting and Payroll Services                    • FinTech
• Tax Consulting and Preparation                     • Merger and Acquisition
• Merchant Services

Advertising Services

We generate leads for Advertising firms, set appointments and employing the best marketing tools to help increase your sales opportunities. We build your brand and promote your advertising services from small to mid-sized businesses up to even the biggest and multinational companies.

Advertising areas such as:

Display Advertising                                         • Media Planning and Buying
• Direct Mail Advertising                                  • Interactive Advertising
• Print Advertising                                              • Event Creation / Event Marketing
• Sales Promotion

Merchant Services

Competition is much wider in the of field business. You need to attract your customer in a different product and services you offer, to increase your sale growth. You need to give a lot of opportunities, good service and if not you will not, you’ll lose at least 5 or more customer you have.

Get leads that are hot and ready to speak with you right now. Asia Leads provider is an exciting lead generation system that contacts the right type of leads for your business with services paying for everything using with their credit and debit cards for their payment. We can provide our customers with a targeted list filled with prospects already interested in the type of products and services you offer. Save time and wasted effort by reaching companies in need of merchant services. Sales go a lot smoother when you connect with eager prospects ready to buy.

We market the following merchant services:

Cash Advance                                                         • ATM Services
• Point of Sale (POS) System                                  • Online Transaction/Payments
• Electronic Check Processing                                • Wireless Terminals

Education and Training

CboxDev is designed for the benefit of our client’s that are willing to learn more about the education and training industry. We help them increase their sales pipeline through warm leads and appointments based on their target market. Our marketing service ensures to meet the requirements of various institutions under the education and training industry including:

Technical and Trade Schools                           • Sports and Recreation Instruction Centers
• Art and Design Schools                                    • Business and Computer Schools
• Language Centers                                              • Review Centers
• Industrial and Manufacturing Schools          • Other Technical and Vocational Schools


CboXDev offers this type of services to the Healthcare industry. By, calling C-Level position and decision makers in various healthcare institutions such as doctors’ offices, health clinics, dental clinics, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, hospitals, and medical centers.

Healthcare industries include:

Medical Alert Equipment                                 • Ambulatory and Home Healthcare Services
• Measuring and Controlling Devices              • Equipment Maintenance
• Diagnostic Kits                                                  • Medical Devices / Medical Services
• Testing Services Schools                                • Compliance Consulting Services
• Patient Education Services                              • Medical Practice Management Software and Services
• Imaging Solutions                                              • Healthcare IT
• Facilities Management