CboxDev FAQ's

Want to find out more about CboxDev? How we help companies grow? Or connect you with your ideal customers? All the answers you need is just to find out more.

What is CboxDev? / What can you offer us? / What do you do?

  • We provide leads and potential clients by generating interest and setting appointments with your target market...
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How do you know who my prospects are?

  • We identify which prospects to contact in your campaign based on the target customer profile you specify. These qualifications typically include job...
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What is your cost?

  • It varies greatly on the target market and complexity of the campaign. The larger the company and the higher the position of the decision maker you wish to reach, the more challenging to find and set a...
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What is lead generation and appointment setting?

  • Our goal is to work with you in getting your capabilities across broader audience, generate interest and eventually convert into leads and revenue opportunities...
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If I am ready to move forward now, what's the next step ? / How soon can we start the program?

  • If you're ready to move forward, I can have you talk to my Marketing Consultant and he/she can discuss with you the step-by-step process...
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We already have a sales team, why should we hire you instead? / Would you be doing the sales for us?

  • We want you to maximize your sales team and set appointments for them. We'll do the marketing and work with your team closely.
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