CboxDev Industries

Explore the range of industries we serve across regions, and find your target verticals and decision makers with high chances of becoming paying customers.

IT & Software

Engage your target companies and potential contacts from our huge database of tech and software - two pioneering industries we initially served when we started business.,


Create meaningful communications through our multi-channel marketing strategy which combines calling, email, chat, social media, on-page seo, and events.

Medical & Healthcare

Discover radical ways to link up with technology developers, manufacturers, and distributors in promoting your medical devices and equipment, diagnostic tests, and health information systems.

Digital Marketing & Advertising

Connect with high value accounts via online and other forms of digital communication to get you right at the doorsteps of your target decision makers at the right time.

Human Resources

Maximize the collaborative powers of HR and tech to elevate employee experience, retention, communications, and performance through our exceptional prospecting and appointment setting campaigns.

Business Products & Services

Highlight the benefits of your products and services to a wider market scope through a holistic account-based marketing lead generation approach.

Management Consulting

Bring your management and consulting expertise to a global scale, and convene with target businesses by employing a proven effective marketing strategy.


Grow your business by working with a lead gen firm that can help you efficiently facilitate your commercial transactions, savings, and investment services.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Empower innovation in your organization by running a programmatic lead generation campaign, and build new businesses among your target industries across continents.