CboxDev Services

Optimize business platforms that will not only help you cope with challenges, but align workflows with today’s market demand and standards to get ahead of the competition.

B2B Lead Generation

Our lead generation program is carefully designed not to disrupt your internal sales and marketing process, but spare you from the tedious tasks of calling, following up, waiting for positive replies and inquiries, and endless online activities, which means you will only need to wait for your calendar to be filled with appointments instead of cramming your day going after them. The whole process is made possible by a multi-touch, multi-channel scheme which utilizes different avenues such as calling, chat, email, webinar and social media to engage your ideal customers.


Event Marketing Services

With the high and tough competition among brands today you need to find ways to emerge relevant and needed in the market. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by staging events. It could be a trade fair, a conference, a seminar, or anything that caters to a massive audience which you can either hold online or in-person. You can employ this end-to-end feature which comprises pre-event promotion, facilitation and post-event marketing, either as a standalone or an add-on service to your lead generation package.


Customer Data Enrichment

Many marketers are wasting a day reaching out to prospects who are not interested or aren’t even fit for buying a product, entailing high expenditure with less or no returns at all. This is because 24% to 36% of CRM data become stale and outdated each year, denting your chance to access active contacts and engage highly closable leads. It’s important that you keep your customer list updated, removing duplicate contacts and irrelevant data through tech-enabled and human-verified data enrichment solutions.